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Yoga and Pilates Classes

Beginner or Advanced Fitness Guru we have a range of classes to meet your needs.

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Courses and Workshops

Nurture your Mind and create balance in all areas of your life. Retreats, courses and one-on-one sessions designed for you.

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Yoga Adelaide

Whether you are looking for a restorative Yoga Session or a kick ass high energy hot yoga class we have a range of classes designed to enhance your lifestyle.

Yoga and Fit pilates Classes

Plan your week and plan your life. Check out our in-house and online yoga and pilates classes run by our dynamic and dedicated team of skilled instructors.

Hot Fit Pilates

Strength and balance are the fundamental principles of Pilates and form the foundation of all our classes whether you are a beginner or an advanced Pilates advocate.

Workshops and Courses

Workshop and courses

Create Momentum and move toward a compelling future that ignites the Power in You. NLP Courses, Hypnotherapy Courses, Corporate Team Training and Retreats. Expand your knowledge and qualifications today.

Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid Certification Courses. Book in for your Mental Health First Aid and becoming equipped with the skills and knowledge to provide Mental Health First Aid to your clients, friends, family and co-workers.

Holistic Health Services

Personalised Services designed to bring out the best in you. From tailored Reiki Sessions to your own personal NLP Life Coach, we have a range of services offered from our qualified holistic health team.

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Meet Leisa and Jen

LEISA and JEN both set out on a journey several years ago to impact change not only in their own lives but in the lives of others around them, and in the process the Intrinsic Mind Studio was born.

The Intrinsic Mind Studio at Glen Osmond, Adelaide is now a hub of passionate qualified instructors, educators and an engaged community of like minded souls.

Leisa and Jen are committed to, and believe in, the process of continual development, learning and growth and provide services for both individuals and corporations because they know that everything is intrinsically connected.

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