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Are you finding it difficult to get into a gym or yoga studio and miss moving your body?  We have you covered! We go live daily, and have a library of hundreds of class recordings. Each and every month, you will be kept motivated with our challenges, alongsside our weekly incentives, nutritional guides and wonderful recipes.

Intrinsic Mind Wellness Academy, is a space for our community to grow and flourish.  With no bots and only human interaction, you will learn something new each day!!!!!

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Annette Allen

Hi my name is Annette

I met Leisa and Jen at a retreat in November 2019, it was great, they are very passionate dedicated to helping people find themselves and improve quality of life, so I decided to get in contact with Leisa in October 2020 again and get some help with my personal journey I am on.

It’s has been incredible!

I signed up for a package the Deluxe Holistic special it had lots of stuff in it, Like online classes via Facebook including members area, human design chart, keto membership, top 10 essential oils and how to use them, and New Beginnings Platform: resilience package, and hypnotherapy audio to help with confidence and dreams, so much, Leisa has been wonderful.

The support, guidance and caring has been incredible, Leisa is there with me every step of the way, I have never had anyone give the support that Leisa has given me, and in 3 and half months I have changed so much, I am finally living the life I have always wanted, and I will continue to grow knowing that Leisa will be there to help me every step of the way, because she is caring and passionate about her work and helping people.

Thank you so much Leisa….. Since signing up for this program I have lost 8 Kilos in 7 weeks and transformed my mindset with a great deal of confidence.  I am happy to say I am continuing my coaching with Leisa for another 6 weeks to dive even deeper.

Sally Wandless

 Hi my names is Sally

This was a 12 week journey that has taught me to move forward with a clearer view of my future. I have learnt some new skills and rediscovered some I had lost sight of.

Every session had structure but was always tailored to my current capabilities and needs. I now feel stronger and prepared to tackle my new life with energy in my body, a smile on my face and light in my heart.

I love all the class offerings you have created online and of course the morning meditation-🙏

Take care of each other in these changing times.

You are amazing and inspirational women 🤗


Amanda Maher

Hi my name is Amanda

I have been loving the Pilates and Yoga classes with Leisa, Zab in the studio since 2019 and online since Covid, with improved fitness and confidence.

In Oct 2020 I had my 2nd hip replacement (both now) due to congenital issue.

My recovery was slow and frustrating and I asked Leisa for advise on improving my flexibility and started fortnightly Thai Yoga Massages – which are soooo amanzing. BUT…. Not only do I FEEL wonderful I have noticed really improved flexibility – after only 6 sessions I can now wash my feet in the shower standing up!! I have never been able to do this even as a child!!!

I am thrilled with the increased mobility of my hip joints – after an entire life of no exertal rotation I am completley amazed with these results!!.

In addtion to this, There are so many emotional benefits to the experience – I feel so grounded, calm and serene after each one – I cannot recommend this enough. It is a truly enlightening experience – Thank you Leisa


Jen and Leisa

Meet Leisa and Jen your Health and Wellness Leaders

Leisa and Jen both set out on a journey several years ago to impact change not only in their own lives but in the lives of others around them, and in the process the Intrinsic Mind Wellness community was born.

Leisa and Jen are committed to, and believe in, the process of continual development, learning and growth and provide services for both individuals and corporations because they know that everything is intrinsically connected.

Leisa and Jen are this amazing dynamic team that bring a sense of connection, harmony and wisdom to all that cross their paths.  They enjoy designing wellness programs specifically for your company’s needs, in the aim to help increase productivity and sustainability in the workplace.

With flexibility at the forefront, Intrinsic Mind offers both in-house and online training options, including travelling to meet your needs as Intrinsic Mind goes mobile. The possibilities are endless.

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