Hot Yoga Class

Hot FIT Pilates is for those that Like It Hot and like to keep fit and active!!

This challenging full body, low impact, fat burning, high intensity workout is performed on a yoga mat & towel in a room heated to 37 degrees. 

The room is heated using Far Infrared Technology providing deep tissue penetration and elevating the heart rate, increasing the intensity of your workout.

Hatha yoga is the root of physical yoga practice and most modern-day styles. Hatha yoga is not an exercise but rather the practice of physical postures, or asanas, which drive physical energy. Hatha can be translated in two ways. One as “willful” or “forceful,” the second as “sun” and “moon.” In these translations, we see the representation of the yoga of activity and the yoga of balance.  In the physical realm, Hatha yoga uses conscious movement to balance strength and flexibility. Emotionally, this practice calms your nervous system and cleanses your mind of stress and tension, to leave you with a feeling of well-being. 

Enhance the way you think, feel, and experience life by learning to be more present in each unfolding moment. Each posture will elevate your level of consciousness while increasing your strength and flexibility. Open your spine and experience a renewed sense of vitality as energy channels flow through you, unrestricted. Explore our Hatha yoga online videos to calm your mind and form a deeper connection with your body. 

Who is this class for?: Everyone

Tues 6am – Moving Meditation Yoga with Jess (1 hr)
Thur 6am – Sound Therapy Yoga with Althea (1 hr)
Tues 6pm – Hatha Flow Yoga with Zab (75 mins)
Sat 7am – Soul Flow Yoga with Zab (75 mins)
Sun 5:15pm – Yogi’s Choice with Vani (1 hr)

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