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MHFA Workshops and Courses

Standard MHFA Refresher Course

Standard Mental Health First Aid

Blended MHFA for the Workplace

Blended Mental Health First Aid for the Workplace

Youth MHFA course

Youth Mental Health First Aid

Conversations About Gambling

Conversations about Gambling

Conversations About Suicide

Conversations about Suicide

Conversations About NSSI

Conversations about Non-Suicidal Self-Injury

Youth MHFA refresher

Youth Mental Health First Aid Refresher

Blended Online MHFA for the Community

Blended Mental Health First Aid Community

Blended Online MHFA for Tertiary

Blended Online Mental Health First Aid Tertiary

Blended Online MHFA for the Community

Blended Online Mental First Aid Workplace

About our classes

LEISA and JEN both set out on a journey several years ago to impact change not only in their own lives but in the lives of others around them, and in the process the Intrinsic Mind Studio was born.

The Intrinsic Mind Studio at Glen Osmond, Adelaide is now a hub of passionate qualified instructors, educators and an engaged community of like minded souls.

Leisa and Jen are committed to, and believe in, the process of continual development, learning and growth and provide services for both individuals and corporations because they know that everything is intrinsically connected.

Intrinsic Mind Holistic Health And Wellness Centre