Personal Questionnaire 2

Thank you for filling out the Questionnaire below

    Why are your seeking support?

    How do you know you have this problem?*

    How is that a problem?*

    When do you do (no do) it?*

    How do you do it?*

    Can you do the problem now in your mind? How does it play out step by step?*

    Can you get in touch with the emotions as you type and think about this?*

    How long have you been doing this?*

    Was there ever a time when you didn't have this problem?*

    What have you done about it?*

    What happened the first time you had this?*

    Were emotions present?*

    Do you ever feel positive/negative emotions?*

    Have you heard that you have an Unconscious Mind?*

    What events have happened since then?

    What emotions were present?*

    In each off these events, what is the relationship between the event and your current situation in life?*

    Tell me about your parents, brothers, sisters, etc?*

    What is the relationship between your mother and your current situation?*

    What is the relationship between your father and your current situation?*

    What is the relationship between your siblings and your current situation?*

    What is the relationship between other family members and your current situation?*

    Tell me about your childhood in relationship to this problem?*

    Is there a purpose for this problem?*

    Is there a reason for having the problem? Ask your unconscious mind. "Go with the flow, what comes up"*

    When did you choose to have this situation be created?*

    Why? Ask your unconscious mind*

    Is there anything your unconscious mind wants you to know, or is there anything you're not getting which, if you got it, would allow the problem to disappear? *

    Is it OK with your unconscious mind to support us in removing this problem together, and for it to allow you to have an undeniable experience of it, when we are complete? *

    How will you know when this problem has totally disappeared? *

    So, when we get rid of ______ _, will the presenting problem totally disappear? *

    What do you need to do that you don't want to do?*

    What do you not want to do that you must do?*

    What is it about this problem that you cannot tell anyone?*

    What is the relationship between this problem and problems you have in other areas of your life?*

    Will any of those problems stop you from solving this problem?*

    How will you know specifically that the problem is gone?*

    Who did you model in youth? Relating to health / power / protection?*

    Who did you model your life on?*

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