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    What made you start Yoga/Hot Fitness at this venue*

    Did you have any specific ailments prior to starting, has Yoga/Hot Fitness helped and how?*

    How do you find the studio space since Intrinsic Mind Holistic Health and Wellness took over?*

    Do you prefer Heated or Unheated classes*

    How would you rate our...... *
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    Hot Vinyasa/Ingnite Leisa

    Hot Gentle Vinyasa with Leisa

    Hot Yoga/Pilates with Nic

    Hot Pilates with Leisa

    Hot Pilates with Mel

    Hot Pilates with Ernesta

    Hot Pilates with Cassandra

    Unheated Yogis Choice with Vanii

    Unheated Soul Flow with Zab

    Unheated Early Morning soul with Leisa

    Hot Yoga with Ernesta

    Cover Connie

    Cover Srey

    Unheated Morning Soul Flow Jess

    Unheated Morning Soul Flow Althea

    Hot Yoga Leisa

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    What Services Interest you?*

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    What are questions you feel should be added to this questionnaire if any?

    3/373 Glen Osmond Road,
    Glen Osmond, SA 5064


    Jen 0406 939 090
    Leisa 0438 520 219

    Skype: intrinsic_mind