Warm Flow Yoga

Warm yoga Flow Class Glen Osmond

Warm Yoga Flow is a beautiful flowing, rhythmic class, synchronising each movement with conscious breath, to enhance the flow of prana throughout the body.

This class is designed to challenge you but at the same time, allow you space to explore and open up at your own level. For those that like it strong, the option is there, for those that would prefer a little laid back, you can stay with the first options offered.

Benefits of Warm Flow Yoga


There is a vinyasa component to this class, finding the connection to breath. As you move deeper into you practice, you will enjoy a wonderful meditation to soothe the body and soul.  Giving you time to really allow the body and mind to connect as one. Assistance and guidance is offered where needed.

For those pregnant yogis that have an already steady practice this class is okay for you. For those new to Yoga and Pregnant, you may want to try one of our unheated classes first. The room is warmed to 32 degrees using Far Infrared Technology providing deep tissue penetration, helping you to move deeper into the postures, as well as helping to detoxify the body. The heat will also elevate your heart rate, increasing the intensity of your workout.


Who is this class for?: Everyone

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