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About Leisa & Jen and what they offer

Leisa and Jen both set out on a journey several years ago to impact change not only in their own lives but in the lives of others around them, and in the process the Intrinsic Mind Wellness community was born.

Leisa and Jen are committed to, and believe in, the process of continual development, learning and growth and provide services for both individuals and corporations because they know that everything is intrinsically connected.

Leisa and Jen are this amazing dynamic team that bring a sense of connection, harmony and wisdom to all that cross their paths.  They enjoy designing wellness programs specifically for your company’s needs, in the aim to help increase productivity and sustainability in the workplace.

With flexibility at the forefront, Intrinsic Mind offers both in-house and online training options, including travelling to meet your needs as Intrinsic Mind goes mobile. The possibilities are endless.