Yoga and Pilates Classes

Hot Yoga Adelaide

Hot Yoga Class
This Hot Yoga Class will elevate the heart rate and increase the intensity of the workout. The room is warmed to a beautiful 38 to 40 degrees.

Soul Flow Yoga Studio Adelaide

Soul Flow Yoga Class
Soul Flow Yoga is a balanced, soulful, welcoming class and will build strength, flexibility and community as we move through yoga sequences and mindful breathing

Warm Yoga Flow

Warm Yoga Flow Class
Whether you are looking for a restorative Yoga Session or a kick ass high energy hot yoga class we have a range of classes designed to enhance your lifestyle.

Ignite Yoga Hiit

Ignite Yoga HIIT Class
Ignite Yoga is for those looking to tone and stretch with a combination of Strength, Vinyasa, HIIT and Pilates will love this class.

Hatha yoga Flow Adelaide

Hatha Flow Yoga Class
This Hatha Yoga class will help to bring back a sense of balance in mind and body, restoring vitality and shedding unwanted trapped stress in the body.

Yin Yang Yoga Intrinsic Mind Yoga Studio

Yin Yoga / Yin-Yang Yoga Class
The Yin Restorative Yoga Class is a very meditative, relaxing class which incorporates Yin Yoga and breath work (pranayama) to balance and calm your body and mind as well as reduce stress.

Yogis Choice Personalised Yoga Class

Yogis Choice Class
Strength and balance are the fundamental principles of Pilates and form the foundation of all our classes whether you are a beginner or an advanced Pilates advocate.

Hot Fit Pilates

Hot Fit Pilates Class
You bring the smile, we bring the moves! Hot Fit Pilates is a transformation program that will have you wanting more and more.  With The Fundamentals of Pilates with a HIIT based Program.


Online Fitness, Pilates and Yoga Classes


Online Fit Pilates Xpress

Online Fit Pilates Xpress Class
Looking for a quick motivational HIT from the comfort of your home.  Bring it! and you will achieve strength, flexibility, toning and endurance.   This is a low impact High Intense Interval training Program for all levels. 30 Minutes Xpress.

Online Ignite

Online Ignite Yoga/HIIT Class
This is an amazing embodiment program that takes you through all the feelings of grounding, connection, stretch and flex, strength and power through Hiit.  As we regain our power, we move back into balance and relaxation.

Online Yogalates

Online Yogalates Class
Create a beautiful space in the comfort of your own home as you enjoy all the feels of the yummy program.  We move through the connection of soul and elements with yoga flow, then inspire strength and power through pilates.

Online Yoga

Online Yoga Class
Enjoy the grounding sensation, quality time for you and most of all STRESS RELEASE from the omfort of your own senctuary at home.  We take you on a journey connecting in soul dance yoga, that moves with grace and ease, strength and power.

About Intrinsic Mind Studio

LEISA and JEN both set out on a journey several years ago to impact change not only in their own lives but in the lives of others around them, and in the process the Intrinsic Mind Studio was born.

The Intrinsic Mind Studio at Glen Osmond, Adelaide is now a hub of passionate qualified instructors, educators and an engaged community of like minded souls.

Leisa and Jen are committed to, and believe in, the process of continual development, learning and growth and provide services for both individuals and corporations because they know that everything is intrinsically connected.

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